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Home Past Artists JP Cormier $14 ticket Fri Apr 24th 2015 – 7:30 – BoDiddley’s 25th Ave

JP Cormier $14 ticket Fri Apr 24th 2015 – 7:30 – BoDiddley’s 25th Ave

jp-cormierJP Cormier

$14 ticket call 320-252-9475 to purchase

7:30pm Fri April 24th 2015 – BoDiddley’s 25th Ave

For 17 years, J.P. Cormier has quietly lent his formidable talents to the production and recording of over 40 albums and worked with a wide variety of studio musicians. He also offers a broad range of services from the comfort of his recording studio like; full service recording, record production, music arrangement, studio engineering, and mixing and mastering. J.P. also specializes in studio overdubbing, and is a talented studio musician.

His client list contains some of the giants of Canadian and World music. His studio productions have garnered everything from a Grammy nomination, to ECMAs and Junos.

Where the doors to his recording studio were closed to all but those with a personal connection to the maestro, now J.P. is opening the creative floodgates and offering his legendary full service recording services to any and all who desire to have their artistry immortalized in a very special way.


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